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More About Shadow Firearms & Tactics Academy

Our Mission

The mission of Shadow Firearms & Tactics Academy LLC, is to save lives through the most advanced reality based training; tailored to the individual needs of the military, law enforcement & civilian communities.


What makes Shadow FTA training different from the rest?

  • No firearms permit or license required to train

  • SAFE - No live weapons or ammunition 

  • Environmentally friendly

  • We train individuals of all ages

  • Affordable pricing & Cost effective

  • Simulation as close to real life as it gets

  • Saves your ammo until you really need it

  • Prepares you for armed certification, licensing or annual qualification

  • Prepares you for careers or jobs requiring passing employers firearms qualification

  • Private lessons also designed exclusively for individuals, protection teams, families, and businesses.

                          Three different levels of training are available

                                                                       LEVEL I -  Beginners 

                                                                       LEVEL II - Those having some experience

                                                                       LEVEL III -Those proficient with firearms.

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